WiFi is a powerful source of actionable insights

IQ WiFi works with existing WiFi networks to capture 1st party data for analytics and CRM activation.

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Rich 1st party data and insights on your customers, venues through WiFi networks


Customer profiles with in-venue behaviors and visitation analytics


Segment your audience and deliver meaningful marketing communications

Unlock customer data through WiFi

IQ WiFi transforms venues into intelligent spaces through customer data capture, analytics & marketing activation.

Customer Onboarding

Customizable WiFi login and onboarding tailored to your brand and personalized to your customers.


Quickly scale your CRM with venue visitors to fuel your marketing strategies.

Customer Analytics

Analyze and better understand your customers and venues with 1000's of customizable reports.

Powerful Marketing

Create, automate and measure meaningful marketing engagements.

Automated Surveys

Measure customer experience through automated surveys.

Venue Analytics

Gain deeper insights into your visitor interactions within your venues.

Hardware Agnostic

Supports all major WiFi vendors

Seamless Integrations

Open APIs and integrations to your marketing technology stack

Metrics that matter

How IQ WiFi is helping our customers to get ahead of the competition.


We see a 23% higher customer return rate from our logged in visitors


We've increased our CRM database with over 100,000 new customer records in less than 6 months.


Our new mobile loyalty app has been downloaded over 20,000 times via the Wi-Fi login pages in just the first 3 months.


I have matched 32% of my Wi-Fi login customers to my existing CRM records combining their purchase histories with store visits

WiFi Case Studies

A selection of our work spanning industries and delivering real business outcomes

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