Activate geo-location with Halo.

Unlock geospatial data capabilities inside your product.


Easy-to-install via mobile SDK or embedded code to generate location data from your users


The rich feature set can be customised for any geo-location use case


Validate transactions or enhance analytics; bridging the digital and physical worlds

Capture and harness the power of geospatial data with Halo

Halo uses a light-touch SDK or embedded source code module to generate geo-location data giving a 360° view of user interaction within the physical world.

Location Data

Pinpoint user location and movement; can be anonymised or attributed.


Confirm in-app transactions and activities, connect them to real-world locations for compliance or regulatory purposes.

User Behavior

Identify and segment users based on movement; create custom audiences for enhanced targeting and messaging.

Audit and Quality Assurance

Verify the geospatial source of submitted media (photos, videos, etc) for auditing, review or attribution.

Actionable insights

Halo delivers insights into your customers and the wider marketplace resulting in clear actions that you can take to improve your marketing ROI


78% of our most profitable online users also visit our physical stores


65% of our users also visit our competitors; I want to deliver targeted offers to enhance loyalty


18% of our users are also frequent travellers


100% of our audits are now proven to be conducted at the correct locations


Our fraud-risk rating on in-country transactions has dropped by 40% by validating location at time of checkout


We see a 35% increase in mobile app purchases within one week of a user visiting a shopping mall

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A selection of our work spanning industries and delivering real business outcomes

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