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Our customer analytics platform delivers actionable insights at scale, based on the complex relationships between people and places.

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Better understand the profile and behaviors of your customers, potential customers & competitor customers.

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Add a new layer of attributes to your existing customer and prospect data to maximize your 1st party data effectiveness.

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Market to the identified target groups with tailored messaging through seamless integration with your chosen advertising platform.

Unlock customer data at scale.

GeoPlace utilizes a powerful engine capable of processing Billions of data records in seconds.


Compare the key metrics of your network of venues to those of your competitors. Better understand your brand's positioning in terms of footfall, competitor overlaps and market share.


Navigate between specific owned and competitor venues to access key metrics that matter to your business. Understand customer path to purchase at a venue level via catchment areas mapping, retail preferences and customer loyalty rates.


Select or build custom audience segments to activate across your preferred platforms. Audiences can be built based on their interaction with your business, competitors, behaviors or affinities.


Deeper analysis into trends and predictive analytics models to inform key business decisions with confidence. Harness Big Data to surface new KPIs, expand to new locations or to optimize your existing network.

Actionable insights

GeoPlace delivers insights into your customers and the wider marketplace resulting in clear actions that you can take to improve your marketing ROI


35% of my customers overlap with my biggest competitor


My network footfall is tracking 20% higher than the wider marketplace average


A new competitor store launch now attracts 9% of my customer base


I want to target the top 25% of my most frequent store visitors


My store demographics reveal affluent visitors at 3x the marketplace average


I can predict that my new store launch will cannibalize 4% of my existing network customers


I have enriched 15% of my customer data by unifying their online behaviors with their retail behaviors


I received 1,000 survey responses from my store visitors sharing their feedback across my brand and retail experiences

GeoPlace Case Studies

A selection of our work spanning industries and delivering real business outcomes

Taking it to the next level

GeoPlace integrates multiple data sources, combining them to visualize new metrics and actionable customer insights.

Mobile Apps

Customer location signals

Wi-Fi Analytics

Customer access and presence data

IoT Sensors

Customer proximity location


Customer image recognition and tracking

POS Data

Store/venue level sales data


Existing customer information


Points of Interest databases


Government statistics

Satellite/Aerial Imagery

Cities, neighborhoods and buildings

Road Traffic

Vehicular movement and traffic congestion

Telco Data

ISP subscriber and location data


Qualitative and quantitative measurement

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