Rise of the ADID

Optimizing ad tech in a digitally disruptive market

According to Darwinian evolutionary theory, it’s neither the strongest nor the smartest that survive and thrive but those who are most able to adapt to change. This theory is especially pertinent when considered from the perspective of the advertising industry.

Understanding digital presence and usage

In just the past 10 years, internet accessibility has proliferated on a global scale. As depicted below, four GCC countries now rank among the top 5 in terms of worldwide internet penetration.

When there is disruption in the market, new entrants emerge and existing participants have to join the race to adapt. In the process, some come out as leaders while others are forced to close shop. This is best mirrored by the rise of Netflix alongside the demise of Blockbuster; while the former e-platform revolutionized traditional TV viewing, the latter movie-rental service failed to keep up with the times and innovate effectively.

The seismic shift toward digital consumption has certainly transformed advertising spend, with major budgets now allocated for digital channels. Of particular note was a watershed moment in 2018, as internet advertising eclipsed $100bn in revenue, doubling from a $50bn base in 2014.  

There is ongoing disruption within the digital advertising landscape itself, presenting both challenges and opportunities for market participants. For example, the past decade has seen the widespread adoption of mobile internet penetration, which currently accounts for over 52% of all internet traffic versus 43% for desktop and laptop (Statcounter 2018).

It’s not a surprise to learn that mobile internet advertising revenue accounts for 65% of all advertising revenue and continues its fast-paced growth.

An analysis of the share of digital minutes shows a heavy lean toward mobile; it accounts for 71% in the US and is as high as 91% in Indonesia.

The primary share of user minutes is within mobile apps — the top 50 international mobile apps account for up to 90% of time spent on mobile devices.

Where the users go, so do the advertising dollars and in-app spend now dominates the category, versus mobile web.

Where ad tech comes in

Unlike desktop and mobile, which both utilize a variation of cookies, in-app targeting leverages Advertising ID (ADID), specifically Google Advertising ID (GAID) and Apple’s Identifier for Advertising (IDFA).

By design, ADIDs are a lot more stable than cookies; the latter are increasingly blocked, user declined, deleted or short-lived within browsers (especially mobile web cookies).

In-app targeting is also highly suited toward video advertising and has emerged as the preferred engagement channel for many brands.

Most interestingly, the rise of ADID has opened up a host of new avenues for brands and advertisers by allowing — for the first time — an understanding of a user’s interaction within the physical world.

This Insights article was created by James Berry, Head of Client Partnerships at IQ data

We at IQ data have been helping businesses work with location data across industries and use cases. Feel free to get in touch with us for a consultation.

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Data. Merges the digital and physical worlds.

IQ data is focused on creating the richest location based audiences for the Middle East & Africa (MEA) regions. By leveraging multiple location signal technologies across Wi-Fi, Mobile Apps and IoT, IQ data is able to pinpoint user locations in excess of 100+ location events per device, per day. This fast growing dataset can dramatically enhance your customer and prospect insights and targeting by combining customers’ digital insights with physical behaviors from the real world.


4+ Billion
Monthly Location Events
150+ Million
Total Audiences
35+ Million
Mobile Devices
Audience Segments
Accuracy within 100m
>10 events per day


IQ Data’s audiences have been created to give more valuable insight into the MEA market, with over 500 segments created to date, and increasing daily, we link over 150 million audiences in bespoke segments that allows accurate targeting and ensures positive campaign response. Our segments cover;

Fashion, Shopping & Lifestyle


Automotive, Travel & Transportation

Food & Dining

Health & Beauty

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GeoPlace unlocks location intelligence at scale.

IQ data’s intuitive GeoPlace data management platform provides a comprehensive understanding of the complex relationships between people and places.

GeoPlace unlocks geographical context to business and consumer data via the ubiquitous mobile device, leading to an enhanced single-view of aggregate consumer movements thus simplifying the process of understanding, analyzing, and taking-action on location data at scale.

GeoPlace boasts a powerful engine capable of processing billions of data records in seconds.

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Lightweight, battery optimized, privacy compliant, and simple to optimize and test.

IQ data’s Mobile SDK has been designed as lightweight, battery optimized, privacy compliant, and simple to optimize and test. The IQ SDK facilitates collection of mobile location data in excess of 100 location signals per day and provides both vertical and horizontal accuracy of devices. As our SDK has been designed with users’ privacy at the forefront, only non-PII information will be collected through GPS, WiFi and/or Bluetooth.

The IQ data SDK offers mobile app publishers with a new source of revenue along with additional insights to enhance understanding around existing customers, their movements, habits and preferences.

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Leverage WiFi as a powerful source of actionable venue insights.

WIFI data sits at the heart of connected spaces solutions and represents a rich source of insights for venue owners working in retail, enterprise or the public sector.

We work with existing WIFI networks and transform them from utilities into powerful customer data on-boarding tools, integrating seamlessly with CRM and other advertising technologies. Rich demographic and behavioral data can be captured enabling better understanding of customers, their physical movements, unlocking granular segmentation and relevant targeting opportunities.

These insights fuel advanced marketing initiatives, either directly from within the platform, or by integrating and augmenting marketing and advertising technology stacks through seamless 3rd party integrations.

This is connected spaces

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High-level requirements translated into personalized design solution.

High-level requirements translated into personalized design solution.
IQ data’s services division providing consultancy, managed services and technology development solutions to meet any data or technology challenge.

Our team is armed with decades-worth of data sciences and technical expertise in guiding clients as they build their data strategies, infrastructure and new product development, with the aim to help our clients turn data into business insights and monetizable products.

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Location-based audience segmentation opens advertisers to a whole new world of targeting possibilities.

Utilize our custom behavioral analytics to enhance your audience segmentation and targeting, supercharge your campaign measurement, campaign attribution and more.

Multiple location attributes combined with powerful processing enables granular audience segmentation like never before.

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Aggregate devices to deliver a data-driven approach to smart city solutions.

Aggregate millions of connected devices and map across cities, neighborhoods or points of interest to deliver a data-driven approach to smart city solutions. Improve urban planning, ease traffic congestion, enhance pedestrian foot-fall and way finding or design better access to key amenities.

Geo-location signals on a large scale unlock unprecedented possibilities to developing the cities of the future.

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The new frontier in data-driven solutions.

Bridging your customers’ online buying habits with retail shopping behavior represents the new frontier in data-driven solutions.

Bridging this gap enables all new levels of sophistication in terms of CRM strategies, customer identity graph and media spends attribution amongst many other possibilities.

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The region’s location data solutions company

We began our journey back in 2016 as IQ Wifi, with the aim of helping venue owners leverage existing Wifi networks as a largely untapped resource for customer data collection and venue intelligence.

In 2018 we re-branded to IQ data and expanded our focus to all forms of location data both in-venues and outside around the world.

Today IQ data provides products and consulting services to help our clients and partners build data-driven strategies whether to surface new customer insights, optimize retail layouts or build complete data strategies from the ground-up.

Though recently established, IQ data’s employees each bring a wealth of expertise from within their respective disciplines averaging over 15 years of industry experience.

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