Global Home Furnisher

Building custom audience segments based on recent visitors to a leading competitor store network proved an effective tactic to reach relevant people who are currently in the market for home furnishings products. This approach resulted in measurable key performance uplifts against benchmarks.

What was the challenge?

A global home furnishing retailer aimed to target current in-store shoppers of competitive brands through facebook across the Middle East. Coupled with a strong promotional messaging push, the retailer wanted to be able to measure the efficacy of the campaign by analyzing how many competitor shoppers who were exposed to the campaign then visited their own stores. 

“We activated a highly custom audience segment from IQ data on a campaign for one of our leading clients. The results were very strong with an uplift of 34% in ad recall versus our benchmark, and 17% uplift in footfall attribution compared to our control groups.”

What was the strategy?

IQ data analyzed and captured competitor store visitors and simply made the audience available in facebook for targeting in addition to retaining a control group for comparison.  Post campaign IQ data measured the observation of campaign exposed and non-exposed groups within the store network as the basis of the footfall insights and a direct footfall attribution report. In parallel, the agency partner ran a separate ad recall study across both the exposed and non-exposed groups for further insights.

What were the results?

IQ data achieved an overall uplift of 34% in ad recall and 17% in footfall attribution compared to benchmarks.  The report detailed the uplift metrics across each region and down to the individual store level. Focusing on people's real world behaviors proved an effective targeting strategy.

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