Coffee Shop Chain

An international Coffee Shop Brand leveraged location data to analyze potential sites for expansion within 30 cities across the Middle East with the aim of identifying the best locations for generating the highest footfall and store-level sales.

What was the challenge?

An international Coffee Shop Chain looking to expand into new cities across the Middle East sought data to inform decision making via location data. Previous survey research had proved expensive and resulted in only a partial view of new location opportunities. It was essential to understand the competitive coffee shop locations versus population density to identify gaps.

"This was an detailed project that required extensive data coverage spanning 30 cities across 8 countries. IQ data assisted our research efforts considerably and their analysis assisted in our identification of key locations that would maximize footfall in areas under-served by our competitors."

What was the strategy?

Competitor venues were mapped across all the short listed cities and the customer footfall index created by using mobile device movements. This provided a clear view of competitor numbers and their relative success. The same insights were delivered for complimentary businesses and points of interest that attract potential customers, such as cinemas, universities and offices.

What were the results?

New locations across 6 cities were discovered and new launches committed. High footfall and attractions combined with above average customer journeys times provided a clear launch justification. To date one of the sites has been opened and both customer numbers and sales are exceeding benchmarks set.

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