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A Dubai based leading out-of-home (OOH) media company partnered with IQ data to launch OOH Intelligence for the MENA region, an advertising measurement platform based on IQ's GeoPlace. Deployed across the company's entire OOH network across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it provides advertisers with audience measurement, centered around behavioral data linked to millions of people exposed to the OOH locations every day.

What was the challenge?

The region's OOH media industry has historically lacked advertising measurement transparency and accountability. Advertisers and media buyers expect accurate and cross-media measurement metrics to justify spend allocation as part of wider marketing campaigns. The OOH industry has been in much need of measurement transformation if it is to compete with growing digital marketing spends which account for over 50% of the total regional advertising investments.

“As the premier OOH media company in the UAE, we are committed to improving accountability and transparency, addressing long held concerns on OOH audience measurement. Our partnership with IQ data represents a significant milestone for the entire advertising industry in the region."

What was the strategy?

IQ data leveraged GeoPlace to onboard over 1.2 billion mobile phone location signals per month, generated within the UAE, and mapped these signals across the client's entire outdoor network providing advertisers with a tailored, comprehensive suite of data relating to each campaign. The data includes viewership of each location by time of day and night, as well as transparent audience insights including key shopping behaviour and detailed demographic information.

What were the results?

The client's advertisers are invited to directly access their booked locations viewing key metrics such as GRPs, Gross Impressions, Reach and Frequency by the day and even hour. Additional metrics such as relative traffic indices as well as audience profiling provides deeper insights into advertising performance. This allowed the OOH media company to sell more effectively to brands & agencies who require data driven spend justification.

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