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A regional Branding Agency with offices in Dubai and London are working with IQ data to launch a new platform for their brand adherence auditing product.  Using the embedded versatile power of IQ Halo, they’re unlocking the power of geolocation data for their software and their clients.

What was the challenge?

Brand adherence is a complex and often subjective measurement.  This branding agency has a digital-first focus, and regularly makes use of big data in their planning, strategy, and designs.  Auditing the effective deployment and maintenance of internal and external branding is a key component to protecting the perceived value of a brand.  The Agency is evolving the traditional off-line approach to audits with the launch of a new web-based tool that creates specific and measurable data for their clients. 

“Collaborating with IQ data has helped us to deliver innovation to our clients on time. Equally impressive has been the quality of engagement and deliverables from start to end. I can count the team at IQ data as a strategic partner to our business and a foundation to our ongoing success”

What was the strategy?

IQ data is providing a customised module of IQ Halo for the agency to embed in their brand auditing tool.  Their platform allows brand managers to assign and specify audit criteria, scoring metrics, and frequency to ensure maximum value for their clients.  The IQ Halo deployment for this platform will add a layer of validation and performance protection by adding Geodata stamps to all audit proof submissions – photos and media that are uploaded to the system will be tagged with non-spoofable proof that the audit was conducted in the correct location, at the correct time.

What were the results?

The agency’s clients will be able to guarantee that their auditors are physically visiting the assets being audited – this unlocks expansive potential for the agency to horizontally expand their brand auditing tool into other areas where auditing plays an important role in maintaining value or safety for their clients.They are able to protect and validate the quality of the audits using the power of IQ Halo.

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