Luxury Automotive Brand

A global luxury automotive brand wanted to develop a deeper understanding of automotive purchase intenders across the GCC region. IQ data leveraged GeoPlace to analyze prospective buyers' paths to purchase along with competitor showroom visits for insights into customer journeys and profiles both pre and post sales.

What was the challenge?

The main priority was to understand how their auto showroom footfall compared to their competitors, and which of their competitors potential customers were also visiting. The brand was keen to build up a clearer picture of who their customers and potential customers really are and how they differ brand to brand. Beyond this they wanted to fuel their in-house Data Mgmt Platform (DMP) with audience segments they could target through advertising campaigns.

“IQ data are one of the most interesting startups in the region. I’d have no hesitation in recommending to any organization that’s embracing digital engagement strategies and seeking to gain the edge in increasingly competitive markets”

What was the strategy?

Using GeoPlace, the brand’s showrooms and service center locations were mapped along with those of competing brands. By identifying devices observed at showrooms Geoplace delivered 'share of footfall' and ‘competitor visitation overlap’ reporting. GeoPlace was configured to present rankings of top catchment areas including places of residence and work, in addition to an index reporting demographics and behavioral affinities of the automotive intenders. The GeoPlace audience builder enabled the client to select and build key audiences such as visitors to competitor showrooms, high affluence professionals and people living luxury lifestyles.

What were the results?

The insights helped confirm some assumptions made and dispel others, resulting in more confident data-driven decision making around marketing tactics. Through the ‘competitor visitation overlap’ insights the brand realized that they had underestimated the proportion of their potential customers who were also visiting less premium brand venues. They gained additional customer demographics and interest data which added to their understanding of customers and informed tailored marketing messages and creative. Previous advertising performance benchmarks were exceeded and there is a regular feed of segmented device ID data to their in-house DMP, driving the delivery of their non-cookie data strategy.

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