IQ data joins Campaign Middle East Panel: Adtech 2020

IQ data CEO Dimitri Metaxas speaks at the Campaign Middle East Breakfast Briefing: Adtech 2020

James Berry

As part of the ongoing Campaign Middle East Breakfast Briefing series, IQ data's CEO Dimitri Metaxas moderated a panel debate titled "Cookie Crumbs" focusing on the fast changing policies surrounding cookie technology and its affect on the adtech industry.

Many adtech solutions rely on data gathered and shared through cookie technology. But as new data regulations are brought in, cookies are going to be kept for shorter periods of time – and the browsers themselves are introducing tough new measures to restrict the use of cookies. Does this mean a data-less world where marketers have no visibility of their online customers? Not at all, but it will require a re-imagining of what we track and how. Campaign’s panel focused on what changes are coming to cookies, and how to keep data crunchy.

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