Introducing GeoPlace.

All our capabilities integrated into one powerful customer analytics platform.

Data-driven solutions

IQ data leverages Big Data to power solutions that transform business.

Business Intelligence

Measure customer journeys and profiles throughout the marketplace

Marketing Personalization

Build granular custom audiences for 1-2-1 targeting

Customer Data Enrichment

Enhance your CRM records via real-world behaviors

Predictive Modeling

Leverage Big Data to predict key business outcomes

Location Research

Tailormade location analysis to augment research studies

Campaign Attribution

Measure marketing impact on customer visits and sales uplifts

Our Case Studies

A selection of our work spanning industries and delivering real business outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our data-driven solutions focus on enhancing your understanding of your customers and the wider marketplace.

What is Location Data?

It is information related to the location and movement of people collected via mobile GPS, Wi-Fi networks and Internet of Things (IoT) beacons mapped across places using Geo Information Systems (GIS).

How do you improve my marketing campaigns?

We can help you better target your customers and prospects based on their interactions within your industry. We also help you measure your campaign performance via store visits or transaction uplifts.

How do you build Audiences?

We build audiences based on people's real world behaviors by applying rules and modeling to their interactions with businesses and other points of interest (POIs).

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, although it strictly only applies to businesses and consumers within the European Union, GDPR has become the global industry standard by which IQ data is compliant. Learn more here.

How do you enhance my CRM strategy?

Two ways, first we can increase the information that you can collect across your existing CRM records by adding retail behaviors, second we can increase the scale of your CRM data via additional customers and prospects who are not currently in your database.

Aside from location data, what other data sources do you work with?

IQ data works with numerous forms of data whether 1st party, 2nd party or 3rd party sourced. We work with any data set which links to a geographic location including POS, Video, GIS, Traffic, CRM, Telco and Research amongst others.

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